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Jane Eyre
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"Where I Fit In" was taken from my book POEMS OF LOVE AND LETTING GO.

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I can’t help it at times, if I trip when I walk
Or I sing some notes out of tune.
I am not like ones you’ve seen
on movie scenes –
Lovely, witty and sweet.

I am not the shy underdog
with a heart of gold,
or that daring adventurous girl
full of charm.
I fall short trying to fit in,
where I cannot fit in,
trying to be beautiful,
trying to be good.


I look at me
and I cannot see
what He sees,
how someone could love
the likes of me.
But as I look into His eyes
all I know
is that I am loved,
every bit of me – loved.


And I fall for Him,
fearfully yet joyfully,
I fall…
I let myself surrender all –
my hurts, my doubts,
my anger, my insecurities.
And they all vanish
at the sight of Him.


I am moved,
I am thrilled,
I am healed,
every bit of me –
accepted and made whole.


Without even trying to,
He changes me.
Into His own likeness,
He fashions me.
And I sink deeper
into His affections,
where I lose myself
without truly being lost,
where I discover another me,
the one I’ve always
been meant to be!


And it doesn’t matter anymore
that I could never fit in
anywhere else,
for there I’ve found my place,
for there I’ve found myself,
the one He sees,
the one He truly loves!